Tantra Escape


Our sessions are available for men, women and couples.

When making an appointment, one of our practitioners will determine your need for Tantra. You may need help with a physical sexual problem for you or your spouse. Or perhaps a stress lowering session would help your overall health. Reducing stress will help lower blood pressure and help the circulatory system plus  give many other benefits. Another benefit where Tantra may help is because you or your spouse are not experienced enough with your sexuality and would like to learn how to please each other more fully.

Whatever your particular need, our practitioners will assist you with Spiritual guidance. Our fee is ONLY for the Spiritual guidance. If you feel that the physical part of Tantra would be a valuable experience for you then you would enter our Sacred Temple space. This is where you will experience a disrobing and cleansing ceremony {shower with practitioner}. What happens next will be a relaxing Tantra touch from head to toe.  If you desire more, the practitioner is there to serve your needs. Any and all activity in the Sacred Tantra Temple is at no charge. This means no tip and no fee of any kind. The only fee we charge is for the Spiritual Guidance, before entering the Sacred Temple. The Source has bestowed upon us this knowledge to share for benefit the universe and to help one another. All activity that takes place is merely two consenting adults assisting each other.

Each Tantra session is customized to meet your individual needs. Our practitioners will first talk about what you wish to accomplish. Then you’ll have a session meeting all your needs both mentally and physically.


The following fees are for spiritual guidance only. Any physical activity that may take place after the Spiritual guidance in our Tantra Temple is between consenting adults. This is a matter of helping each other learn about the physical aspects of Tantra. There is no fee for this activity. Our doors are open 6 days a week from 9AM to  7 PM. Please note that any appointment after 5 PM needs to be made by 5pm. Saturday 10 AM - 2PM

  • Spiritual guidance: one hour is $225.00 or 1. 5 hour 275.00 for one person and the fee for a couple is $350.00
  • Spiritual guidance: 1.5 hour intimate session with any of our practitioners. This Spiritual guidance will explore the romantic and intimate side of Tantra and the fee is $425.00. or 550.00 for couples.  We also offer a hour intimate session, the guidance fee is $350.00 and for the couples  hour intimate is $475.00
  • Appointments with ANGELINA require a minimum of 45 minutes! Both regular and honeymoon appointments with ANGELINA will be a minimum of 45 minutes!


No tips or gratuity of any kind  allowed. If you desire spiritual guidance for lengthier sessions, please call us  704-651-5979  Open 7 days a week, by appointment only.


Call us at:  704-651-5979 
or email us at:  angelinatantra@yahoo.com

What To Expect

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